Help need wiring diagram to replace existing horn to a 6 volt aooga horn on a modelt By halfyard on Saturday, July 25, – Need a 6 volt wiring diagram for aooga horn to replace existing hornh By Norman T. Kling on Saturday, July 25, – Depends on the horn. Some horns have one wire and are grounded through the bracket to the engine and others Model A type have 2 wires and the switch grounds the circuit. The one wire horn is connected the same way as the original T horn. The two wire horn has one wire to a 6 volt source, and the other goes to the horn button which grounds the circuit. Norm By halfyard on Saturday, July 25, –

Novelty Car Horn – Help!

Originally Posted by Remford I’ve came across this thread and forum while doing some research before adding a classic claxon “Ooga” horn to my current-production Chevrolet HHR. I’ve located a genuine rebuilt and refurbished Model A Sparton claxon horn with all its “throaty” oogaing goodness. And while replacing the OEM horn with a modern aftermarket replacement would be a relatively simple “red to red” and “ground to ground” swap-out, integrating the already-present relay into the circuit, I have no idea what the classic 12V Sparton horn requires.

Being a vintage item from a vintage vehicle, my gut tells me it may have been based on a “straight wire” design.

Sep 18,  · my older horn only had 1 wire to hook up. this horn has 2 wires a hot and ground red hot black ground.

Doc here, In answer to your question: A Relay allows you to control high current devices with a very small amount of current safely, and if the wires are properly gauged and fused deliver more current to the end user device with less or no heat loss through the relay device.. A relay is a two fold device, though both sides are separate and isolated, operate in concert to activate the relay contacts.

The control coil that moves the current handling contacts, it the coil , usually draws around an amp and, second the contact side of the relay, which does all the high current handling from source current battery to the end used device Horn, lights, Ignition coils, ECT.. Back to your problem: First, not clear on WHAT this is being used on Second , when you say replace stock horn.. If it’s just a stock swapout.. Ground the horn wire and hook the red to the wire going back to the relay or where the old horn was.

If it has all been changed, then wiring of a new relay is needed.. The contact side of the relay will be Normally open side 87 to the Battery Via a 20 Amp fuse, and the center wiper 30 to the horn itself. Doc Last edited by docvette; at

12 volt ooga air horn (Harbor Freight)

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Sep 04,  · Then make up another cable to the ooga horn. Use a switch to control the relay, with a fuse inline and your done. The new relay will be switching between the 2 horns.

I’ll follow BlueRidgeYJ’s diagram. Bought a relay on my way home today. As far as the fuse goes, what’s the best way to do this and where exactly do I find the wiring for the OEM horn to splice into? It may be better for me to just run it to a switch and not even mess with hooking it into the OEM horn just to stay on the safe side. What I have so far: Someone said terminals but what kind?

Also, What about the fuse? What’s the best way to wire that in? The horn lead should be a dark green wire with a red chaser. You should be able to find it behind your headlight at the horn. If you are unsure, a test light can quickly identify which wire.

I have a 1929 model A ford and i am replacing old 6 volt horn

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Mar 31,  · On the diagram that came with the relay and the horn switch, it shows a wire running from the relay to the horn, another wire running from the relay to the horn switch, and a third wire running from one of the relay terminals to another relay terminal, then to a fuse, and then to the : Resolved.

Overall Rating No Ratings A car train horn is an exciting accessory to add to your vehicle. It will operate via a compressor and air horn to give you some LOUD sound. Why get angry when you can blast a train horn and deliver a shock bad drivers will never forget? Train horns are sold as kits that are easy to attach to your car without the help of a mechanic. Here are some of the best kits available. Most modern cars do not have a stock installation option for train horns.

Fortunately, modern train horn manufacturers now dispense their products as ready-made kits, designed to be installed in a few hours with a minimum of drilling, soldering, and other light handiwork. Each kit includes everything that is needed, and there are generally excellent instructions as well. The horn puts out dB of sound from a volt compressor running at only 16 amps.

It includes a 1. The trumpets are metallic and chrome-plated to minimize corrosion. The size of the horn is roughly 15 x 11 x 4.

One more step

Stebel HF80 Series 4. Feedback or missing info please click the spark plug in the very upper right corner and send me a message! Horn Wiring Examples Wiring up horns are pretty easy since your car likely has one already. Some cars have simple wiring that does not use a relay but most have the relay. Start with a wiring diagram of your car or Motorcycle, RV, etc.

If you can’t find a wiring diagram you can see if it has a relay by unplugging the horn and listening for a mechanical clicking when you push the horn button.

This dB decibel air horn combines the old and the new. Powered by a 12v power source, the vintage “ooga” is generated from a metal enclosed motor and 3 in. diameter high impact PVC trumpet/5().

May 28, edited When I bought my used VLX last year I found that the horn either made a very weak, muffled attempt at making sound when I pushed the button or often nothing at all. The previous owner told me that it had been replaced a year earlier so I tried re-connecting the wires but there was no improvement. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing for ‘junk’ at Harbor Freight and saw a cheap Ooga Horn so I couldn’t resist picking it up. Anyway, I searched for wiring info on the stock horn but couldn’t find anything kept getting results on Horn Loaded Compression Drivers instead.

Perhaps I don’t have to worry about a relay with the stock configuration or maybe it already has one. I believe the switches are already fused via the circuit breakers but I’m not sure how many amps they can handle – looking into that.

12 volt conversion effecting 6 volt horn

I wanted to find an older model because the cheap after-market ones auto parts stores sell now are to high pitch for my taste. So i found an older model on ebay. My questions are; 1. Any quick way i can test the horn to see if it works? Any 6V source that can deliver 30A or so of current 2. Do i lower the voltage before i run it through the relay or after?

Hook it up to a battery direct with a jumper wire and see if it will run either way and use the way it works best for you. If you wire it direct with a smaller wire it may run very slow and not give the proper sound or it might not even run at all with a 14 or 16 wire.

Next How do I hook up an “Oooga Horn”? How do I hook up an “Oooga Horn”? The horn requires a amp relay for installation which I bought at Advance Auto Parts. On the diagram provided with the horn, it shows a wire running from the On the diagram provided with the horn, it shows a wire running from the relay to the horn, another wire from the relay to the horn switch, another wire to a 30A fused circuit, and a fourth wire running from the relay to what the diagram says is the original horn.

On the diagram that came with the relay and the horn switch, it shows a wire running from the relay to the horn, another wire running from the relay to the horn switch, and a third wire running from one of the relay terminals to another relay terminal, then to a fuse, and then to the battery. Which one of these diagrams sounds correct, and why would the diagram that came with the horn show a wire running to the original vehicle horn?

Also, what is a 30A Fused Circuit and where would it be found on a vehicle? Answers from an experienced electrician or someone who has hooked up one of these things before will be greatly appreciated.

I have a 1929 model A ford and i am replacing old 6 volt horn

Hookup Wire Kit found in: Use hookup shown in Figure 7. Disconnect wire going from breaker points to Coil. Contains three spool sets in three different colors. Each spool is a different color and comes in a cardboard. The kit you have purchased will allow you to safely connect your camper to a camping site hook up.

Apr 28,  · Been using the same stock 6v horn on 12v on my 38 chevy since i bought it in Still loud and obnoxious. Been using the stock 6v dual horns on my 50 chevy SD for 5 years now. Had one that wouldnt work at first till I dropped it a few times to loosen up the vibrator. Been working fine since.

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How To Hook Up Ooga Horn Wiring Diagrams

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Dec 20,  · To properly hook up a Stock type horn button, the Button Center wiper is on a “Riding Ground” at the horn Horn button is a Brush type device that contacts a lower copper ring in the Column, when the horn is ring has a black wire that .

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