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Mistrial in Jodi Arias sentencing after jury deadlocks again Once the public and press were out of the room, convicted murderer Jodi Arias took only seconds to admit that she killed her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in a frenzied attack after a day of rough sex in June , secret court transcripts revealed for the first time Tuesday. Arias made the stunning admission during a day and a half of closed-door testimony after an Arizona judge kicked the press and public out of the courtroom in the sensational case.

But the nearly pages of transcripts of the testimony were released this week after The Arizona Republic won a legal battle to make them public.

The SDN has also since moved into accrediting dating agencies, leveraging the private sector to solve this public problem.

He is the son of Roger and Carolyn Dahl, an electronics parts manufacturer’s representative and a homemaker. At the age of sixteen, after he starting working at the radio station full-time, he unofficially dropped out of high school. I never got around to it. Dahl later explained his short-lived marriage by commenting, “I should have paid more attention to that song.

At one point, Dahl was so discouraged that he quit for about six months and attempted to pursue a career as a recording engineer. However, this never amounted to anything more than making mix tapes of popular songs for play on airplanes. Throughout this time period, he was making efforts to reconcile with his ex-wife, who by then was dating the program director at the Los Angeles radio station where she worked.

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Bullet Messenger, a Chinese messaging app, has racked up millions of downloads since its debut just a few weeks ago, using a stripped-down design to chip off a chunk of a sophisticated, billion-user market. The Beijing-based company launched its app on Aug 20, and within a week became the most downloaded free offering on Apple Inc’s App Store in China. Analysts say its rapid ascent, driven by Chinese internet users’ craving for alternatives to the ubiquitous WeChat, underscores just how fast China’s mobile internet landscape can change.

Some analysts have described Bullet Messenger as a potential challenger to Tencent Holding’s WeChat — although it lags far behind the Chinese super-app, which has more than 1 billion users. Bullet’s minimalist design stands out, as does a feature that instantly turns voice messages into text as the user speaks, and sends each voice message with a transcript that can be edited. Users say the technology, supplied by Chinese voice technology firm iFlytek Co, allows them to chat faster without having to type or listen to voice recordings — a time-consuming act for the receiver that is considered impolite in WeChat etiquette in China.

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Sugar daddy app not vice platform, says spokesperson Posted on 18 January – TheSugarBook, a Malaysian online dating app, is not a platform for prostitution or pornography, a spokesperson for the company has said. It called itself a niche online social networking platform for like-minded, consenting adults to meet and develop a mutually beneficial relationship. Any user who is suspicious or who is reported to have violated our terms and conditions will be banned,” TheSugarBook spokesman Jessica Ong was quoted by The Malaysian Insight as saying today.

Ong was responding to a China Press report that TheSugarBook could be in trouble if the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission MCMC received public complaints that the online service was being used to spread illegal content, such as pornography or images with nudity. MCMC said enforcement authorities, such as police, could also take action if prostitution, blackmail or fraud were involved. Ong said moderators worked around-the-clock to ensure the profile photos submitted by subscribers adhered to company guidelines.

The app has attracted more than 20, sign-ups from users in Singapore within a year of its launch, Singapore online portal Today reported recently.

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Under traditional Islamic law, men are allowed to take on a maximum of four wives. Although polygamy is legal in Indonesia, the practice is uncommon — and frowned upon — in most parts of the country. The year-old dodged questions about whether he was using the app to look for another wife but said he continues to learn about polygamy, after he took on his second wife six years following his first marriage in

Nov 15,  · The SDN iPhone App is back and free through November! Get it today and please post a review on the App Store! Dismiss Notice; New SDN Article! Like I intimated in my post there are far, far more dangerous ways to have high risk sexual encounters than using a dating app.

I learned one more approach for this, which I like to call.. It essentially means is to find a startup idea that: Is already making money for someone else in a growing industry. Aligns with your skill sets. Once you find such an idea, simply carve out a niche within the industry by addressing pains of an under-served segment within that industry or, making it much easier to use than existing solutions or, disrupting the market by making your product accessible to masses at a much affordable price.

And once you dominate a particular niche, expand from your niche with your eyes set on the largest player in the market. Finding a Startup idea For most entrepreneurs, this is perhaps the most difficult phase of initiation. I know people who are ready to wait for years for that golden startup idea to strike. Truth is, even if you wait for years, startup ideas that are born out of vacuum almost never work.

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Duke made a bequest to establish the Duke School of Medicine, Duke School of Nursing, and Duke Hospital, with the goal of improving health care in the Carolinas and nationwide. Three thousand applicants applied to the new medical school in and 70 first- and third-year students were selected, including four women, for the School’s inaugural class. In , just five years after it opened, Duke was ranked among the top 25 percent of medical schools in the country by the AAMC.

Timeline of select research and patient care milestones Barnes Woodall establishes the nation’s first brain tumor program.

Dec 11,  · Hello all, may I know what is the best dating app in Malaysia? The one that will search nearby for match. Thank you:respect.

More Ever had Tinder-itis? It always plays out the same: I download the app, put up the same profile pic because I look really good in it and then I excitedly swipe away. Swipe right times infinity. Then the high wears off. I start recognizing guys I know.

NFV-SDN Spurs CenturyLink Integration

Tweet While the merger of CenturyLink and Level 3 Communications isn’t slowing down the pace of virtualization activity within the new company, the union is focusing the activity more on integration efforts, says the new man in charge. James Feger, vice president of network virtualization, says SDN and NFV will make it easier for the new CenturyLink to deliver common services across the combined company footprint without as much heavy lifting.

Feger, who was part of legacy CenturyLink Inc. CTL ‘s initial virtualization effort, spent a couple of years on the operations side of the operator before returning this fall in the post-merger reorganization to once again lead the team taking the network strategy forward. He tells Light Reading in an interview that “new” CenturyLink’s virtualization efforts made the company’s targeted goals for , and that future efforts will be aided by the fact the two companies had similar virtualization strategies.

Best Dating Apps. by John Corpuz & Jackie Dove Nov 8, , PM. These Apps Can Help You Find a Good Match. No one ever said that finding the perfect mate was easy, but the mobile Internet has.

By David Lumb 4 minute Read Want to do online dating? Where gay dating apps mostly follow a hot-or-not, judge-only-by-pictures model, Her is expressly designed to encourage conversation between users until they know enough about each other to meet in person—which is exactly the slow-burn approach that women prefer when dating, says Her founder Robyn Exton.

While Dattch was a pure dating app, Exton and her team expanded Her to become a social community experience—a digital place for queer women to converse. While the news section serves as fodder for users to comment on and interact with each other, the events calendar lets locals know of events outside their social circles to meet women.

You find out about an event through friends of friends on Facebook but you find it weeks later. The goal of the events section is for us to never find out about an event after it happens. As more gay clubs close and lesbian bars shutter —ironically, because queer people like everyone else are increasingly looking for partners online—Her aims to become a digital place for women seeking women to interact and do more than only prowl for romantic partners and hookups.

Since launching Dattch in , Exton learned that people often went on the app simply looking for friends and kindred spirits. Women meet up in groups, have conversations in groups, and go to bars in groups to meet other groups. Regardless of poor algorithms or unpoliced trolling, those platforms are perceived by some as insecure and unsafe spaces for women seeking women, says Exton. Robyn Exton So to keep Her a safe space, Exton and her team made sure the app welcomes all women who are interested in other women, even women first experimenting with other women.

After a year of beta testing in seven U.

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If you joined after 16 March , you go by Rolling month. If you joined before 16 March and upgraded your Revolut account from Standard to Premium, you’ll also be on a Rolling month cycle. ATM withdrawals Sometimes when you use an ATM, you will be asked to choose between a ‘credit’, ‘checking’ or ‘savings’ account. You should always choose either a ‘checking’ or ‘savings’ account.

Nov 09,  · Free Dating App & Flirt Chat – Match with Singles. Flirt and Dating Apps Dating. Mature 17+ , Contains Ads. Add to Wishlist. Install. You’re looking for a cool chatting platform where you can date and meet other people? You’d like to register immediately and for free without having to provide an email address? You’d love to /5(K).

Tweet As Hurricane Lane dumps record-breaking amounts of rain on Hawaii, and with being one of the most active hurricane seasons ever, leaving devastation across Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, it seems the right time to consider the vulnerability of cellular and Internet infrastructures, and the difficulty of rebuilding them once destroyed, as was the case in Puerto Rico. Despite the best intentions of network operators and regulators, bad stuff happens; even with five-nines reliability requirements, if the network gets hit by a natural disaster, or possibly a devastating cyberattack, it may be time to consider a fail-safe mechanism.

Even if service providers don’t see the need, it seems as if the users do, and they’re turning to alternative sources to deliver this. This loss of communication matters to people because, over the last ten years, the smartphone has fundamentally changed their behaviors and expectations of constant connectivity and access to the Internet. Huge businesses have grown around providing smartphone users such things as e-commerce capability, ride-sharing services, entertainment and the ability to share their lives on social media.

Additionally, smartphones are increasingly providing a remote control for the ever-expanding number of Internet of Things IoT devices. When this capability is removed, and the services are disrupted, even for a short while, people find it debilitating, causing emotional angst, as well as having an economic impact.

Motorola’s original Dynatac cellphone was nicknamed “the brick” because of its shape and weight; ironically, this nickname stuck, and it’s how many people in the mobile industry still think about modern day smartphones without network connections. There persists this myth that, without a network, the device is both useless and worthless. What is the difference between the original Dynatac brick and today’s smartphones? The answer is that today’s smartphones have huge compute power, more than 20 sensors, multi-frequency transceivers and multi-protocol capability, including Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth Mesh, WiFi Direct, WiFi Ad-Hoc mode and WiFi Aware; all of these have enhanced smartphones’ mesh networking capabilities.

Touchscreen-based smartphones allow easy use of applications to provide users with alternative communications options, leveraging mesh or P2P wireless ad-hoc networks.

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