Initial high-temperature metamorphism in the Devonian—Carboniferous M1 was broadly contemporaneous with emplacement of calc-alkaline arc magmas during Pacific-style accretionary margin convergence. This event involved metamorphism of arc plutonic rocks soon after their emplacement and partial melting and migmatization of host metasedimentary rocks. We use the results of mineral equilibria modeling to assess the constituents of the Fosdick migmatite—granite complex as melt sources and as domains of melt transfer and melt accumulation during the two anatectic events. Although the plutonic rocks were not a significant melt source at the level exposed, granites derived from these rocks but sourced at a deeper crustal level accumulated within the Fosdick migmatite—granite complex during the M1 event. The elevated geotherms in a magmatic arc environment allow the possibility that higher crustal levels in the Fosdick migmatite—granite complex remained subsolidus during the M1 event, and could be fertile sources during the M2 event. The mechanical anisotropy created by the residual gneisses likely produced a gradient in melt pressure. This gradient, together with shallow fabrics in the hosting gneisses, could have acted to focus M2 melts derived from the fertile metasedimentary rocks into a horizontally-sheeted leucogranite complex. The accumulation of these melts would have lead to pronounced weakening of the crust, facilitating the exhumation of the Fosdick migmatite—granite complex during the transition from regional shortening during M2 to regional extension at ca. Previous article in issue.

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We know this is important to you. Unfortunately, the question is a lot like “How much does a car or a house cost? How much needs to be spent to get you an acceptable result? The answer will depend a lot on what is your acceptable result and, very importantly, what is the other party’s acceptable result.

Released in to the European, Japanese and Canadian markets, it became one of Honda’s first ever mini bikes. Z50A MINI TRAIL 50 ().

We were also initially worried that the metal back would be a bit of a fingerprint magnet but its nice matte finish seems to repel most smudges on its surface. Another thing we greatly appreciate is the dedicated microSD card slot to expand on the 32GB of storage the J7 Prime has on board, which were also pretty lucky to have in the Philippines since some models sold internationally only have a meager 16GB of storage.

We actually have no complaints about the display that produced crisp images at pixels per inch and still had pretty good color saturation plus decent contrast ratios. We also ragged a bit on its side mounted speaker found on the right side of the device, but the more we used it, the more it grew on us. Navigation was smooth and apps launched easily with little to no delay. Like we mentioned in the initial review, gaming on the J7 Prime yielded satisfactory results.

We tried out titles, such as: Dead Trigger 2, CSR 2, and Asphalt 8, and while you do have to bump down graphical settings a bit to get rid of the tiny frame rate drops, it was a pretty smooth experience overall.

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Brand identity has always been important to manufacturers. It’s particularly true for someone who is convinced he makes a good product. Not only does the maker want to make a sale, he wants the buyer to come back for more and tell his friends about it as well.

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Fabrication[ edit ] The K1 and the later K3 concrete kiosks were produced at various and largely unrecorded locations, around the country. This made quality control and supervision of the manufacturing process difficult, when compared to the GPO’s experience with cast-iron posting boxes, and was an important aspect of the GPO’s move towards cast-iron telephone kiosks. Over the years, five foundries were involved in this work for the Post Office.

Although many kiosks have been fitted with replacement backs over recent years, unmodified examples generally have the identity of their manufacturer marked on a plate on the outside at the bottom of their back panel. The only exceptions are the few Mk1 models made by Bratt Colbran, which are anonymous. A supplementary way of identifying the manufacturer is by means of casting marks on the various component parts — i. A more consistent manufacturer mark can be found at about shoulder height on the inner face of the back panel.

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The cheapest of the line. Advertised with a stained hardwood handle and three rivets only not screws. Showing the etch of a jockey on a horse, the saw had a straight back blade, lightweight width. Handle not fully carved and “block like” in appearance.

old bottle identification and dating guide This webpage is intended to help novice collectors and non-collectors better identify, describe, and date the bottles they encounter.

History[ edit ] Founding and early history[ edit ] Liu Chuanzhi founded Lenovo on 1 November with a group of ten engineers in Beijing with , yuan. The Chinese government approved Lenovo’s incorporation on the same day. Eleven people, the entirety of the initial staff, attended. Each of the founders was a middle-aged member of the Institute of Computing Technology attached to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The group rebuilt itself within a year by conducting quality checks on computers for new buyers. Lenovo soon started developing a circuit board that would allow IBM-compatible personal computers to process Chinese characters. This product was Lenovo’s first major success.

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Use any of these labs free in your courses as part of the CSU system-wide virtual lab initiative. Smart Science real online science labs provide instructors and students with uniquely hands-on real lab experiments instead of simulations. Students collect data interactively from real experiments point-by-point using their own care and judgment just as in traditional labs.

They predict or hypothesize before or during the experimental activity.

Cougar (Puma concolor) El Puma – en Español Species Code: FECO Cougars, also known as mountain lions or pumas, are native to Washington state. About 2, live in Washington state, double the populations of the early s, and their numbers are growing.

Fun Geometry Projects for all the family Learn how you can stop the dreaded Summer Math Loss and send your child back to school in September feeling like a math super hero! Watch this free video training! Geometry projects are a fun way to offer elementary students some hands on, real life examples of geometry in action. My kids and I, when completing geometry projects, have so much fun! Much of the time we decide to do a ‘project’, such as – make birthday cards – not geometry work – but I find myself saying “oooh look, did you know if you put these two triangles together you get a square?

But wait, the sulk is vanishing, the brain motors kick in and

E15: Robert and the Railway Tree

But Stratford was here long before the railway, when there was an Abbey. Outside is one of those postboxes painted gold following the Olympics. This one is slightly different from most of the others in that it does not celebrate a particular athlete but rather the Games themselves. I am sure the drinkers in here have no idea about where the name of this pub came from.

It comes from the name of the medieval Abbey that stood nearby until the s. Sadly there is nothing of the Abbey left to see, so far as I am aware.

riding pictures and videos on EroMe. The album about riding is to be seen for free on EroMe shared by Dirtybabygirl. Come see and share your amateur porn.

Dagli anni ottanta in poi i microprocessori sono praticamente l’unica implementazione di CPU. Dalla loro introduzione ad OGGI, l’evoluzione del microprocessore ha seguito con buona approssimazione la legge di Moore , una legge esponenziale che prevede il raddoppio del numero di transistor integrabili sullo stesso chip e quindi, nella visione di Moore, delle prestazioni ogni 18 mesi. L’obiettivo del progetto era equipaggiare il nuovo F Tomcat che allora era in sviluppo.

Il progetto era semplice e innovativo e vinse sui competitori elettromeccanici venendo utilizzato fin dai primi Tomcat. Comunque sia nel che nel Intel e TI stipularono un accordo in cui Intel pagava a TI i diritti per l’utilizzo del suo brevetto. Questo brevetto fu poi invalidato nel per il fatto che l’architettura di Hyatt non sarebbe stata realizzabile con la tecnologia disponibile nel Sempre sull’argomento, sulla rivista McMicrocomputer n.

TI e Intel pre-datano il brevetto descrivendo un microcontrollore che potrebbe coprire il brevetto del microprocessore essendo il progetto indicato concettualmente simile: Gary Boone e Michael J. In seguito Datapoint decise di non utilizzare l’integrato e Intel lo immise sul mercato come nell’aprile del , riscuotendo un certo successo, creando il primo vero mercato per i microprocessori: Compatibile a livello binario con i programmi scritti per l’ , lo Z80 includeva moltissimi miglioramenti che lo fecero rapidamente preferire all’ dagli utenti.

Molto versatile, ebbe un discreto successo, oscurato in parte l’anno successivo dal lancio del MOS Technology

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Cast On 6 stitches on a DPN, if available. K2, P4, K2 R4: K3, P4, K3 R6: K3, P4, K3 R8:

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As requested, here it is. The first version is row by row. I am not a professional pattern writer. I just have a small dog who is cold. Pick up 20 stitches evenly around the cast off edge so you have 48 stitches. Sleeves; remove the waste yarn and pick up the stitches. Sew in your ends and admire your work. The short version, without all the row-by-row stuff. Increasing for the body Knit first 2 stitches, knit front and back of stitch before marker, knit around, knit front and back of stitch right after the last marker you will have 42 stitches now.

Leg holes and body On next row, knit 7 sts with red, knit 7 stitches with waste yarn that should take you to the stitch marker , knit around to the next stitch marker, knit 7 in waste yarn and then 7 in red. On next row knit around and cast off last 10 stitches and 1st 10 stitches of next row. Finish that row by knitting 1, k2tog, knit across to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1.

EAC BULLETIN (K6 ) Dating Issues