These USGI parts are not compatible: If anyone has more info, corrections, or other history, please send me links or copies. If I’ve incorrectly attributed any of this, let me know and I’ll correct it. Initially the bulk of the components Universal used in their carbines were U. Surplus slides and trigger housings were used as long as possible, but toward the end of the Korean Conflict, when the surplus part market dried up, Universal started manufacturing all of their own parts including barrels, die cast trigger housings, recoil plates, recoil plate screw, and springs. The quality of Universal M1 copies was usually not to bad, but not up to the standards of the U. Universal was purchased by Iver Johnson in January who continued to sell Universal-branded Carbines as late as Began making Carbines in as Bullseye. Later reorganized as Universal Firearms. Bought government surplus machine tools for Carbine manufacturer.

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However, no documentation exists to support this theory. Research by noted U. Bayonet expert, Gary Cunningham, has demonstrated that they are a commercial product, made during the early ‘s, when the Office of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship DCM was selling off surplus M1 Carbines.

Find the Serial Number. The first step in dating your M1 Garand is to find the serial number. This is stamped into the rifle’s receiver, the part housing the operating parts of the rifle.

Ya the special grade is essentially a brand new rifle. They take an old receiver my Springfield receiver is from April of and add a brand new barrel, new stock and re-parkerize everything. It’s essentially how it would be fresh off the assembly line back in the ’40s. I don’t know a whole lot about the Winchester receivers but it seems like some people like them just because it’s Winchester and you have the big brand name associated with it.

I have read that some Winchester receivers may not be finished quite as nice as the other manufacturers like Springfield, International Harvester and Harrington and Richardson just because it was peak production during the war and they were trying to crank out as many as possible for the troops. They will be perfectly functional but may have tool marks and may not look as smooth.

Winchester built Garands from so those special grades will have a receiver made sometime in that time period. These special grade rifles are made to be shooters, they have little to no collector value because they are essentially a brand new rifle and don’t have original numbers matching parts. I decided to go with the special grade because I wasn’t concerned about having a collector rifle.

I just wanted something that looked nice and I could take to the range and shoot a lot. I absolutely love mine, it’s really accurate and the fit and finish is awesome. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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I really enjoyed it. Don Ward December 16, at 5: These production lines were the real wonder weapons. Blastattack It would be economically impossible to make one. As a Machinist myself, that is not a project any sane person would want to take on as a job. It would be a labour of love to make.

Nov 03,  · In addition to old USGI Mil-surp ammo, Seller and Belloit, Privi Partisan, and Federal American Eagle red box all make specifically loaded for the M1 Garand. Get at least 5 .

We will add other manufacturers and options as they become available. A true tour de force of gun scholarship, this is the complete story of the M1 Garand service rifle as told by one of today’s foremost arms authors and researchers. Nothing even approaching this level of detail has ever been published before. Document’s Garand’s production and issue both in the U. The Definitive Guide to the M1, For shooters, collectors and historians.

To order, visit www. If you are looking for a specific rifle, please call ahead or email custserve thecmp. Most of these rifles have been refinished or rebuilt at least once while in military service and will likely have some parts from other manufacturers. Fair to good condition. Rifle wear will be exhibited by worn and mixed colors of the finish; there may be some minor pitting on the metal parts; wood will be basically sound but may be well used with minor hairline cracks, and dings, scratches and gouges; wood may not match in color, type of wood or condition.

These rifles may have some foreign parts and wood may be Walnut, Birch, Beech or other variety. Rifles do not have import marks. Do not expect rifles in mint condition in this grade. Manufacturer selection only guarantees the receiver was produced by the manufacturer listed.

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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. You may dispose of curios and relics to any person, not otherwise prohibited by the Gun Control Act of , residing within your state, and to any other Federal firearms licensee in any state. It must be emphasized that the collector’s license being applied for pertains exclusively to firearms classified as curios and relics, and its purpose is to facilitate a personal collection.

You may NOT engage in the business of buying and selling curios and relics under this license.

The serial number listings by month presented below were developed by Scott Duff, a recognized authority on and author of a series of books on the M1 following information can be found in the books “The M1 Garand: WWII” and “The M1 Garand Serial Numbers and Data Sheets” found at Fulton Armory, and are used here with Mr. Duff’s permission.

Several of you expressed great interest in owning one of these fine shooting pieces of history and requested that more details be forwarded along as soon as they became available. Here is the full story straight from the CMP. Over the past 65 years, most M1 rifles have been arsenal rebuilt, refinished, rebarreled or repaired at least once and often several times.

Most will show signs of service often considerable and replacement of various parts. They are seldom encountered with all original parts and original finish as delivered from the manufacturer. Government rifle that has been inspected, headspaced, repaired if necessary and test fired for function. Each rifle is shipped with safety manual, one eight-round clip and chamber safety flag.

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My hope at the outset is that this article will encourage more of you out there to do the same while you still can. The M1 Garand as it appeared, fresh in its box. Notice, at left the accessories package which included a sling and a single en bloc magazine. At this point the shop owner asked him if he had considered buying a Garand through the CMP as his discharge papers exempted him from the marksmanship requirements. Given that the price they were discussing on the Garand was almost a grand, I thought I might want to give them another look.

The M1 Garand was the standard service rifle from through The result is that the parts kit represents a wide range of places and dates of manufacturing. However, it is possible to figure out when and where Garand parts were manufactured, at least within ranges of time.

Posts 4, A grand old Garand I think there is a lot of information and mis-information about the ammo that is suitable for the M1 Garand. I can’t say I have all the answers but I do have some experience with the rifle and with different ammo, mil-spec, commercial and a variety of hand loads. It has been said that the gas system requires a certain range of pressures at the gas port down at the muzzle end of the barrel.

I have found conflicting information over the years about what the port pressure is supposed to be so I’ll not claim to know any more. It has been proven safe and reliable to feed this rifle with hand loads with bullets of grains to about grains, when loaded with powders in what are known as the mid burning rate range. Actually powders that are optimum for the Winchester are what we are after here. I have used , the original , IMR , H as well as many others in this burn rate.

The most recent edition of the Hornady loading manual gives some special Garand loads using most of these powders, and others, with , , and grain bullets. I have loaded thousands of rounds of grain Sierra MK bullets over This load is approximately 50, psi and produces about fps at the muzzle of the M1 rifle. This gas system is just a hole in the barrel of a certain diameter and a certain distance from the chamber.

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White braid band a little grubby Patent leather black peak with brass edge. The pistol has a good working action. It has an overall grey patina. A good solid pistol but there has been some pitting- please see photo. In my opinion this does not detract from a desirable Colt New Line, especially as it has matching serial numbers and is a scarce two digit number.

After WW2 ended, the Overton Woodworking Corp. of Chicago began making replacement M1 Garand and Carbine stocks. One of their machine setups created a triggerguard notch similar to .

The M1 was originally created by Canadian-born firearms engineer John C. Garand developed the gas-operated weapon with a. The M1 became the first standard-issue automatic infantry rifle in Over the past 65 years most M1 rifles have been rebuilt, refinished, rebarreled and repaired at least once, with few in original condition today, according to the Civilian Marksmanship website. It originally had a ten-round clip instead of an eight-round clip, but was modified right before production.

Bell said there were only six-million M1 rifles made in the world. The M1 Garand has two variations that have been used by the U.

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