She was born on March 4th, in Los Angeles, California. She is 29 years of old. She is of American Nationality. She was raised by a family of musical background, which helped her to take up music as her initial career. As she is born in the month of March, her zodiac sign is Pisces. She initially started off as a singer. Prior to her musical carrer, she was on stage anchored as a host as well as a performer in both cities, Las Vegas as well as Los Angeles. Moniece Slaughter is a very tall lady with the height of five feet and seven and a half inches, which is taller than average women. She has a well-build perfect figure.

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I think that you could make an argument that. I would compare it to Springsteen, but it was a level above, the What a knockdown lyric that is. November 15, In: Shawn Crahan aka clown to A brutally captivating chorus wraps desolation and desperation into the lyrics ‘We are made from Every time we work with Danny, he takes our music to the next level.

Notes from the Underground is the third studio album by American rap rock band Hollywood.

Where do we start? But regardless of what they do for the celeb they usually cause quite the storm. Whenever a new one hits the web everyone goes mad trying to keep up with the rumours: Is that really her? Is that really him? Who’s that in the background? Who released it and why? What’s that on her ? And so it goes on. Today it was revealed Jennifer Lopez may be caught up in her very own sex tape scandal.

Yes as in J-Lo. The singer’s intimate videos – recorded by first husband Ojani Noa – have been the subject of a complicated legal battle for six years, and now her ex-hubby’s business partner is planning to unveil the film telling the tale of their doomed marriage. You can read more about it here.

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Nikki Mudarris is a Los Angeles socialite. Her father owns several strip clubs in both Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, making her one wealthy, spoiled girl. Nikki is full of self-confidence, despite her drastic changes from plastic surgeries. Nikki began her stint on the show with her long-term off again, on again relationship with Mally Mall. She has a way of referring to herself in an annoying, yet catchy manner.

How does Nikki refer to herself?

October 5, Featured , TV No Comments Moniece is hiking with her mom and her mom tells her that she has to be honest with her about them hurting each other and how they should mention what they did so they can move on. Her mom who looks fantastic by the way, tells her that she needs to work on herself and stop getting distracted by men.

Her mom gave her harsh truths and tells her that her son needs to be a priority and point blank asks him if she is dating Richie. Her mom says if they are to move forward can she meet him? Moniece says she will take it into consideration. Soulja and Nia are out and Soulja tells us that he has to nip some things in the bud. He tells her that Nas popped up at his house. Nia tells him that it is his problem and he needs to take care of it.

Soulja says that they need to have a united front and approach Nas together. Nia says she hates being in this position but agrees to meet.

Rich Dollaz Wiki: His Dating Affair with Girlfriend and 4 Kids; They Don’t Match Up

Inside, A1 performs his new single while Lyrica , her mother Lyrica Garrett and his mother Pam dance along in the audience. While Ray and Solo go get drinks, Princess and Alexis confess to each other that they have missed their period and may be pregnant. While Princess is excited by the possibility, Alexis is anxious as she and Solo have only been dating for a month, and his baby mama is harassing her on social media.

Meanwhile, Lyrica and her mother are pressuring A1 to focus on her music career. When A1 mentions he is looking at some other female artists to sign to his label, Lyrica reacts angrily and demands that he not work with any other females until her Adia album is completed. She wants to introduce him to her friends but he is unsure, due to his bad reputation, but he agrees to sit down with them.

For real for real. Kjazzy31 Not a slave ghost!!!!!! Hunnylicious I said the same thing!!!!!! Tamika and Tameka were so much more attractive before the implants and all the butt surgery. Their bodies are hideously deformed now. Her voice is always off. Bloody practicing that rape alarm scream all the time! Regina Tiny needs to have her behind reduce, and Tamika needs to just lose weight. Kandi is like myself, after someone have said some very untrue accusations, I just as Kandi would not be feeling them either.

Regina I agree sayitagain Because the tour is money she knows she is getting.

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Posted August 1, Source: Safaree comes in with the second highest at 75 million, and Ray J not only has the lowest sperm count at 9 million, but he has a generally low sperm count because the average is 15 million. Did you see the tape with Kim? Obviously he does not like condoms.

He began his profession as an intern at Poor Boy Information where he helped build the professions of performers such as for example Yung Joc and Cheri Dennis. He studied at Nashville in Tennessee. Before this romantic relationship, he was found dating a few of the gorgeous in the city. His profession began at Bad Males Creation, as in intern for Puff Diddy and shortly he began to help the profession of numerous performers and bands.

That they had a romantic relationship in that finished up badly. It was made by Casablanca Information. Moniece got over actually quick as she began to date someone else soon after. Initially while he was doing work for the promotional and advertising department, Rich fulfilled with Ryan Leslie that in the past was dating Cassie.

Later on she signed a agreement with Bad Boys Information. They did a similar thing for Cheri Dennis. Bottom level of Form Within his managing profession he effectively signed Olivia to G-Unit, making her the 1st woman to accomplish it. They also started a combat on Twitter allowing everyone find out about their problems.

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Jul 24, at 7: Slaughter is taking a swim in the lady pond, dating girlfriend AD Diggs, and some are very vocal about how they feel when it comes to the relationship. Diggs, an entrepreneur, defends her woman against haters, as does Slaughter herself. So, who is AD Diggs? My least favorite thing filming a reality show is the drama, I honestly like to stay clear of it.

Click on the image to view the full gallery Rich Dollaz real name Richard Trowers was born on August 4, in Waterbury, Connecticut. The hip hop company hired Rich Dollaz to be an intern for the owner, Puff Daddy. Rich Dollaz would soon rise up the ranks at Bad Boy as he started to help the musical careers of numerous artists and bands. Rich Dollaz witnessed the emergence of hip hop into the mainstream. In the 80s, hip hop and rap was starting to grow its fanbase as there more and more artists that got their sons on radio and television.

You had to be a quality act in order to stay in the hip hop game. Rich Dollaz and Bad Boy would put themselves on the map during the tail end of the golden age.

EXCLUSIVE: Moniece Slaughter Shares Thoughts on Ex-BF Rich Dollaz: He’s Dead to Me

I try to tell her stuff for her own good and she just blacks out on me. But it is what it is. You love all of your family.

I want Moniece to stomp Princess and Brandi out. Cardio32 Princess needs some business of her own. Moniece is a grown woman with a child planning on having another child right now. Princess needs to grow tf up. Who the hell meets at a park and fights? Children in school, not grown ass women.

Moniece and rich dollaz still dating my spouse, today’s birthdays

And his awesome brother Chance was cool enough to share his families personal photos with us fans! Thank you to Chance for that! Photos below, all courtesy of Chance Kamal Instagram! Chance captioned this photo by saying, “To my brother realstallionaire wife

Richie Dollaz is an American entrepreneur with ties to the music industry. Not much is known about Rich Dollaz. He was born on August 4, He was born Richard Trowers and does not seem to have an online footprint earlier on in his life. However, he did want to be a recording artist when he was younger. He also attended a college in Nashville.

Rich Dollaz started out as an intern at Bad Boys Records. Cassie signed with Bad Boys Records. Later on, Dollaz also helped Ryan Leslie with his career in singing in the late s.

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