Russia Russia has fitted thousands of security cameras across Moscow with facial recognition technology that give police the ability to track criminals and terror suspects. The Russian capital is using the technology, which automatically checks live footage against police and public databases for wanted persons, in 5, cameras, it has been revealed. In two months Russian police have used it in the arrests of six serious criminals. In the long term, Moscow plans to use the technology to record evidence and investigate crimes, as well as to gather information during elections. Citizens will be able to request footage when they have been victims of a crime. NTechLab is hoping to bring the system to countries across the world, with Turkey, Indonesia and China being possible next steps. Other cities in Russia have also expressed interest. All governments have a watch list. Getty Images Ivanov also dismissed privacy fears. The company gained recognition through the FindFace website , which let Russian people identify strangers by matching them with their VKontakte social network profile.

Police release CCTV images of escaped convicted murderer

Catherine Tate’s character Lauren has been immortalised Image: TBH, not everyone will be bovvered by all of the 1, new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary OED in its latest quarterly update, which reveals current trends in the use of language. The OED is updated every quarter and now boasts 1, new words Image: Rex Budgie smugglers, an Australian term used since the s to refer to close-fitting swimming trunks, are featured in the update, along with Scandi crime thrillers and wild swimming.

Other entries include fro-yo, the short form for frozen yoghurt, dudettes – the female form of dude – and agender for designating people who do not identify themselves as a particular gender. Daniel Craig shows how budgie smugglers should look Image:

“Mitel is a global leader in providing the kind of sophisticated, custom communications network that addresses the unique needs of Major League Baseball and our 30 Clubs.” Chris Marinak, MLB Executive Vice President, Strategy, Technology & Innovation, Major League Baseball.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email All the kids are talking slang – and we won’t pretend to understand. It may feel like you aren’t down with the kids anymore, and you may be feeling old as we crawl our way towards Christmas and into The notion of slang is a fluid one: It can be really, really hard to keep up – and we don’t blame you for not knowing what your kids, nephews and nieces, and even grandchildren are discussing.

These days, there’s a baffling array of acronyms, abbreviations and other phrases. Read More How well did you do? Let us know in the comments They are all spawned from sites like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, that makes it seem like youngsters are speaking another language altogether. So how up-to-date are you with all the slang words and abbreviations your teenage kids are using on social media and on the phone?

Take the quiz below to find out.

Australia Post fail caught on CCTV

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The group was seen on CCTV in Maid Marian Way and Parliament Street riding the vehicles on pavements, pulling wheelies, riding on the wrong side of the road, going through red lights, weaving.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email CCTV footage of a cyclist smashing a car windscreen in broad daylight on a Grimsby street has highlighted the scourge of vandals and opportunist thieves in the area who may strike at any time leaving people with expensive repairs.

The footage sent to Grimsby Live shows a man walking with a bike along Thorold Street on Wednesday afternoon who suddenly decides to have a look inside a parked Ford Fiesta. After peering through the windows, he begins to cycle along the road only to make a U-turn and head in the opposite direction. Seconds later, he returns, stops close to the car, then loops around the area again before smashing the driver’s side window.

However, this triggers the alarm which prompts him to bike away at speed. The car does have a built-in nav screen so we think that he thought it could be taken or removed. Glass panels on three trolley bays at the store were also smashed by a gang of eight youths who then attacked the nearby petrol station car wash. Following that incident, Inspector Mel Christie, of Humberside Police who is leading the investigation to find those responsible, warned those involved that they will not get away with it.


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The philosophy of fuck Dalrymple writes: My brother once worked on a roadbuilding site. Anthony Burgess has the same story, with an army mechanic taking the place of the roadbuilding foreman: Why the most pleasurable activity known to mankind, and the organs by which it is procured, should be debased through the use of the basic, or quadriliteral, terms as expressions of opprobrium has never been adequately explained.

To be called a prick though never a penis , a cunt or a twat is not pleasant. There is perhaps a fundamental puritanism in such usages, a denial of the holiness of sexual pleasure, which, of course, explains the taboo. Words like fuck, cunt, shit, piss are not slang; they are ancient words long buried by a social decorum not so mindlessly repressive as our permissive age seems to think.

Some seem to believe that there was once a sort of golden age in which no figleaf was imposed on language, but squeamishness about these four words, and others with sexual or excretory referents, goes back a long way. Shakespeare undoubtedly knew fuck and probably used it in everyday speech, but the word is not to be found in his plays or poems.

“I just can’t see what’s so wrong about being gay” – Zac Efron opens up about homosexuality

Gofer – Somebody from another county 8. Gool – Puddle 9. Hotchin — hedgehog

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Karima Boys High School has stuck to that old adage, especially when it comes to security matters. Mid last year, the school was not spared by the wave of unrest that left more than schools closed due to arson attacks. But for Karima, the script was a little different because an arson attack was thwarted by teachers and the local community.

Since approaching matters the same way and expecting different results is tantamount to insanity, according to one Albert Einstein, the school’s administration had to change tack to instil discipline in students. School Principal Herman Wanjau consulted parents in a bid to chart the way forward and they agreed that the institution be installed with CCTV cameras. The institution advertised an open tender in November and the process of installing 27 cameras inched closer to reality when the lowest bidder, who quoted Sh , , was awarded the tender.

Text the word ‘NEWS’ to The surveillance system was installed while the students were on December holiday, and was up and running by the time they reported for first term in January. The cameras were installed in common areas except dormitories and bathrooms to preserve the students’ privacy.

The Teesside locations where reports of ‘dogging’ have been made to police

Officers have arrested four males after the stabbing in Newnham Close Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s name has become street slang for a knife, a court has heard. Abdullahi Tarabi , 19, allegedly called out for a ” Ramsay ” to defend himself with when he was attacked on the afternoon of April 11 in Northolt this year.

The victim was chased down an alleyway by two boys, one of whom produced a knife and fatally stabbed him in the stomach, jurors heard. His friends and older brother Abdirahman rushed to his side, dragged him into a nearby porch and chased after the killers as they ran away, the Old Bailey was told on Tuesday September

? does mean Slang talk. What does it mean? My friend always uses it, but I’ll feel stupid if I ask her what it means. 😛 “Did you know that Sarah was dating Jeff? >.>” love me mean meaning None Paine please quote Quotes sayings Slang symbol symbols talk term text texting Text symbols tongue Twitter what what does // mean what.

Overview[ edit ] Traditionally, Chinese-Singaporeans used their respective mother tongues as their main avenue of communication. Although that led to communication difficulties amongst speakers of more drastically different dialects, it has nevertheless forged strong dialectal bonds amongst the Chinese community. But today, the speech of Chinese in Singapore exhibits a great amount of linguistic diversity and includes English , Singlish , Mandarin , Singdarin Colloquial Singaporean Mandarin , Hokkien , Teochew , Cantonese , Hakka , Hainanese , as well as other varieties.

Most Chinese Singaporeans are generally bilingual, whereby they can speak both English and a variety of Chinese. Before the s[ edit ] Before the s, Singaporean Chinese were either English-educated or Chinese-educated. The English-educated Chinese were educated with English as the medium of instruction and learnt little or no Mandarin in school in such cases, Mandarin became an optional language.

As a result, they became affianced to English-speaking and inevitably distanced from the Chinese language and their respective mother tongues. On the other hand, the Chinese-educated were educated with Mandarin as the medium of instruction but learnt little or no English. They usually speak Mandarin and their respective mother tongues with little or no English. There were of course a portion of Chinese Singaporeans who were bilingual, i. After the s[ edit ] After the s, all schools including former Chinese-based schools in Singapore began to use English as the primary medium of instruction with Mandarin as a secondary language.

Thus, Chinese Singaporeans educated in the post s are theoretically bilingual. English is supposedly the first language and therefore presumably spoken by all residents of Singapore. This was partly due to the policy of Singapore’s government to make English the medium of instruction in all schools in the s including former Chinese-based schools , as well as making English the working language for administration and business in Singapore in short making English the lingua franca among all Singaporean.

11 of the worst places to live in Cornwall, according to the people who call them home

David Poole, from the vigilante group H-Division, was the main prosecution witness in the trial of Adnan Khalid, who was accused of attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming. Judge Thomas Crowther QC said: He travelled to meet her on the Taff Embankment in Cardiff on April 8 but was instead met by Mr Poole and a group of other men.

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October 2, Humihingi ng tulong sa mga mamamahayag ang Manila Police District MPD upang agad malutas ang kaso ng pagpaslang kay Almeric Carlo Aldaba, ang hepe ng accounting division ng Land Bank of the Philippines, na binaril noong gabi ng Setyembre 6, habang nakapark sa harap ng isang food chain sa Recto Avenue, Maynila ang sinasakyang kotse. Julius Cesar Domingo na magbibigay ng P50, ang pulisya bilang pabuya sa mga makapagbibigay ng impormasyon sa pagkakakilanlan at pagtunton sa dalawang salarin na nakita sa CCTV na magkasama sa pagpatay kay Aldaba.

Nagkaroon din ng audio visual presentation sa mga footage na nakalap ng MPD homicide section sa crime scene kung saan nanggaling ang dalawang suspek, na matapos barilin ng isa sa kanila ang biktima ay nagpabalik-balik lamang sa lugar ng insidente. Inihayag din ng pulisya na sinasantabi na nila ang motibong pagnanakaw sa biktima dahil walang nagalaw sa kanyang mga gamit na nasa loob ng sasakyan.

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Dad-of-four Sion Davies, 28, was working at the Lifestyle Express newsagent’s in Menai Bridge when the cash was snatched from behind the counter. Mr Davies, from Llanfair PG , had taken the money out as he was about to pay bills he owed before a flurry of customers meant he put the money down to one side. A man entered the shop and distracted him by asking for batteries and swiping the money when Mr Davies’ back was turned last Friday evening. He then claimed he needed to make a phone call to his girlfriend and left the store before Mr Davies realised that his hard-earned cash had been stolen.

Sion Davies, 28, with his son Cai. The Lifestyle Express newsagent’s in Menai Bridge. Google Street View He has provided the force with CCTV footage but has not had any correspondence about how the investigation is progressing. Read More He said:

British Slang You Should Know (GAME)